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Medicare for All: What's Stopping Us?  Reiginting the Fight for Universal Health Care in Vermont and the United States.

Come hear insurance industry whistle blower Wendell Potter!

June 12, 2039,5:30 pm, Main Street Landing, 60 Lake Street, Burlington
June 13, 2019, 5:30 pm, Kennedy Brothers, 11 Main Street, Vergennes

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Download our information card on universal primary care here. Please help spread the word!  Click here for more talking points!

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Our goal is to have at least one letter supporting Single Payer in each paper every week. The letter to the editor section is one of the most highly read parts of the paper. We’ve made it really easy for you to write a letter including providing some important facts and the address to send it to. Click here to write a letter to your paper today. Click here to read what other Vermonters are writing about Single Payer.  Click here to read answers to the latest myths about single payer!



On the Road to Single Payer

Single payer healthcare in Vt  -- what went wrong, and what's up next?  Listen to Dr. Deb Richter's January 2017 interview

Shumlin administration presentation on their view of obstacles to implementing single payer (December 2014).

[Click here to access full report and appendices]

What Does Act 48 Do? 

Read Professor Hsiao's article on lessons from Vermont


Statement of Principles

We support a universal health care system for the State of Vermont, one that includes all Vermonters, offers free choice of providers, is progressively financed, decoupled from employment, affordable for all, and pays for all necessary care out of public funds; a system which retains the private delivery of health care and has a publicly accountable budget process to ensure adequate capacity to meet the health care needs of all Vermonters.