Scare tactics on health care

December 17, 2014

 Rutland Herald: Just a few days before the Nov. 4 election, a very misleading and untruthful campaign brochure was mailed to the constituents of some Rutland County legislative districts. It was designed to make Medicare recipients fear that their health benefits would be taken over by Gov. Shumlin’s health reform efforts and they might not be able to continue to see their doctor or might be denied care and to make Medicare recipients vote for the Republican candidate. In the Rutland 5-4 district, Rep. Doug Gage sent this mailing even though he has been serving on the House Committee on Health Care and had to know that the information was not truthful. He owes an apology to his constituents for groundlessly worrying them.

Our state is involved in a very important discussion about the implementation of Act 48, the law passed in 2011 that outlines a pathway to universal, publicly funded health care for all Vermonters by 2017. Unfortunately, it’s easy to distort the facts regarding this very complicated issue and create confusion, misinformation and fear. In the months ahead, let’s all engage in this discussion the Vermont way, with integrity and respect.


Mount Tabor