Guaranteed Primary Care for Every Vermonter!

Use the form below to find and contact your state legislators and demand that they support legislation to make primary care available for every Vermonter without cost, independent of private insurance, employment or income.

Every Vermonter needs primary care. Whether it is to treat the flu, for a checkup, or to stitch you up after an accident, the Primary Care Physician is where most Vermonters get care for most of their medical problems. Here are some additional talking points:

  • Accessible primary care has been shown in numerous studies to be the single best step to improving population health. It is our first and best line of defense.
  • Providing publicly funded primary care would lower health care premiums for everyone. (Vermont law does not allow private insurance rates to include services they do not pay for).
  • Universal Primary Care is very inexpensive! It is less than 6% of total health care costs, and that is including outpatient mental health and substance abuse services
  • Access to Primary Care will reduce the need for expensive hospitalizations and emergency room visits by treating conditions earlier and preventing disease.

Universal Primary Care is the first step to a publicly financed universal health care system by Vermonters for Vermonters. To guarantee equal access to health care for all Vermonters, let’s start with UNIVERSAL PRIMARY CARE. Pass H.129.

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