Use the legislative finder below to automatically connect you to your representatives and senators. Ask them to support universal publicly financed health care.  Health care should be a right, and not a private commodity.

Every Vermonter needs guaranteed health care for the simple reason that every Vermonter to one degree or another is at risk for being left out by our dysfunctional healthcare system.

Universal health care is also critical to health care justice, especially in addressing lack of access to health care for disabled, low-income (yet not qualifying for Medicaid), black, indigenous, people of color and other marginalized populations.

Use the form below to find and contact your state legislators and demand that they support legislation to make health care available for every Vermonter without cost, independent of private insurance, employment or income, starting with universal primary care.

Tell them they need to take action!

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Why is Health Care for All Important to You?

  • Did you ever have trouble paying for medical care?
  • Did you know others who had trouble paying for care?
  • Is health care for all just the right thing to do for everybody?