Green Mountain Care Criticism Premature

January 27, 2012

Burlington Free Press

Randy Brock, a contender for governor in 2012, and others of his political persuasion have targeted the Green Mountain Care Board as a campaign issue. Although the Green Mountain Care Board, mandated by Act 48, has barely begun its work for real health care reform, Brock and other reactionary pundits are already trying to trash its existence even before any plan has been formulated! Expect to see more of the same during this election cycle.

All other industrialized nations have a form of universal health care system with better results at approximately half the cost. Here in this country, we have a non-system system of health care in which at least 50 million have no coverage, and tens of millions more are underinsured due to high deductibles. Even in Vermont, which has better coverage than most states, we still have approximately 190,000 people in these categories according to Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Administration.

If political reactionaries such as Randy Brock, John McClaughry of the Ethan Allen Institute, and Darcie Johnson of the so-called "Vermonters for Health Care Freedom," truly want to address our convoluted, inefficient/expensive, and discriminatory health care situation, they should come up with their own plan(s). Otherwise, their premature criticism of the Green Mountain Care Board, or any type of real health care reform, is nothing more than attempting to create a political football for political gain.