VT statehouse in the Spring spring

www.VermontforSinglePayer.org is the website of Vermont Health Care For All (VTHCA), a Vermont non-profit corporation (501(c) 3), established in 2003 with the purpose of educating the public about the advantages of a universal publicly financed health care system for Vermont.  VTHCA is overseen by its board of directors:

VTHCA Board of Directors

Dr. Deborah Richter, Physician, Montpelier, VT – President

Ellen Oxfeld, Professor at Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT – Vice President

Terry Doran, Retired Journalist, Montpelier, VT – Treasurer

Ethan Parke, Policy Analyst, Montpelier, VT – Secretary

Deborah Wachtel, DNP, Vermont Nurse Practitioners Association, Burlington, VT 

Jason Kelley, MD, Pulmonologist, White River Junction, VT

Ann Raynolds, Psychologist, Quechee, VT

John Bloch, Chair of Alliance of Retired Persons, Montpelier, VT

Don Mayer, CEO Small Dog Electronics, Waitsfield, VT

Stu Williams, MD Family Physician, Berlin, VT

Adam Sorscher, MD, Family Physician, Fairlee, VT

For more information on Vermont Health Care for All please feel free to contact us.

Statement of Principles

We support a universal health care system for the State of Vermont, one that includes all Vermonters, offers free choice of providers, is progressively financed, decoupled from employment, affordable for all, and pays for all necessary care out of public funds; a system which retains the private delivery of health care and has a publicly accountable budget process to ensure adequate capacity to meet the health care needs of all Vermonters.