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Recent News Stories

Universal primary care plateaus in committee
May 18, 2018

VTDiggerBy Mike FaherThe 2018 legislative session was a roller-coaster ride for advocates of universal primary care in Vermont.Supporters celebrated when the primary care bill, S.53, advanced with public financing mechanisms built in. And they rallied behind the bill when state legislators questioned the feasibility of taxpayer-funded health care.But the campaign ended on May 12, with S.53 stalled in the House Appropriations Committee as the Legislature adjourned. Rep. Kitty Toll, D-Danville and...

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After Major Setback, Single-Payer Movement Shifts Focus To Universal Primary Care
May 04, 2018

Vermont Public RadioBy Peter HirschfeldIt’s been more than three years since then-Gov. Peter Shumlin abandoned his pledge to create a universal health care system in Vermont, but advocates are working this session to reignite the embers of the single-payer flame.On a Tuesday evening in late January, around 50 Vermonters showed up for a public hearing on the floor of the Vermont House of Representatives.The topic was Senate Bill 53 — an act relating to universal coverage for primary c...

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Public Financing Returns to Universal Primary Care Bill
April 25, 2018

VTDigger By Mike Faher A key House committee is backing a taxpayer-funded system of universal primary care, bucking those who have expressed concerns about such a system. The House Health Care Committee on Wednesday voted 6-5 to support a version of S.53 that explicitly endorses publicly financed primary care. The care should be available to Vermonters “without cost-sharing,” the bill says. The Senate last month approved language that was much less definitive. But a majority of H...

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Letters to the Editor

Single payer is the solution
May 17, 2018

Rutland HeraldI am completely disheartened that the Legislature of Vermont has repeated the mistake of the Affordable Care Act by penalizing those of us who choose not to buy private health care insurance. It was right to repeal the ACA mandate because it required private citizens to purchase private insurance through the force of a government penalty.The insurance companies’ goals are to make a profit — not to provide affordable health care.The mandate argument is that we need more ...

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Primary care bill a good start
May 03, 2018

The Times Argus A recent letter in The Times Argus by Frank Mazur points out a new bill in Congress that would allow physicians to provide pro bono health care to 20 patients in return for them agreeing to accept Medicaid patients and to allow them a tax write-off for so doing. This really hit me the wrong way. I fully believe, like the Vermont legislators who passed Act 48 a few years ago, that health care is, indeed, a right, not a privilege only for those who can afford it.Another item quoted...

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Inequitable health care is a national scandal
March 19, 2018

Bennington Banner To the Editor:"Equity" and "equal" have the same derivation. In the case of health care, it means that necessary care would be provided to everyone and not be dependent upon income, social status, race, etc. Is our current system of health care equitable? I think not.In spite of Obamacare, there are still 28 million of us who are uninsured. There are about 1,500 uninsured people in Bennington. If you had to pay out of pocket, had limited income, and got...

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Editorials and Op-Eds

Universal primary care would save money now spent at ERs
May 09, 2018

VTDiggerEditor’s note: This commentary is by David Hills, who is the managing partner of Waypoint Management Services based in Middlebury. He is a 25-year veteran of health care consulting in over 50 institutions across the United States.Aren’t we all just tired of the health care dilemma, discussion, debate and failed attempts at political remedies in Vermont, let alone across our great nation? The health care issue is huge and important, yes; but much of the national discussion aro...

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What are the hospitals afraid of?
March 01, 2018

VTDiggerEditor’s note: This commentary is by Ellen Oxfeld, a member of the boards of the advocacy group Vermont Health Care for All. She lives in Middlebury.Over the last two weeks the Senate Health and Welfare Committee has been taking testimony on a bill that would make primary care a public good for all Vermonters, with no out-of-pocket costs. It is not expensive. Unlike hospital care, primary care comprises under 6 percent of total health care spending. But investing in primary care ac...

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Universal primary care: Its time has come
February 05, 2018

Bennington BannerBy Deborah RichterWay back in 1990, I treated a patient in the inner city of Buffalo. He was an electrician in his mid-thirties who had waited until complications from his diabetes rendered him blind and in end stage kidney failure. He waited because he had no insurance. At the point I first saw him, he was unable to work and was finally eligible for Medicaid. Unfortunately, the diabetes had taken its toll on his health and he was never able to return to work. He died several ye...

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