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Recent News Stories

Bill Providing Primary Care for All Vermonters Viewed as First Step to Single Payer
August 21, 2017

Vermont Public RadioA plan to create a publicly financed primary health care system for all Vermonters will be a top priority for the Senate Health and Welfare committee during the 2018 session.The legislation enjoys strong support in the Senate where 13 senators have signed on to the bill as co-sponsors.The bill calls for a comprehensive study of a plan that would provide all Vermonters with primary health care services. The proposal would be financed using tax dollars; part of the study would ...

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Dozens call for universal health care
May 26, 2017

Bennington BannerBy Edward Damon edamon@benningtonbanner.comBENNINGTON — Dozens of supporters of universal health care turned out to the River Street fire facility on Friday night, calling for the implementation of Vermont's "Healthcare for All" law.High-quality, consistent care, would make for a more efficient healthcare system, according to Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman. "The system is far less expensive when we treat people early, treat people well, and take care of them so ch...

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For Forty Plus Years He's Advocated for Single Payer Health Care
April 09, 2017

 The CommonsBy Joyce Marcel Before Robert W. Backus M.D., who recently retired from family practice after nearly four decades at Grace Cottage Family Health in Townshend, rode off into the sunset, he had plenty to say about the state of the U.S. health-care system.Backus was revered by the residents of the West River Valley as one of the last of the old-time country doctors. His involvement in the lives of his patients and his community was the stuff of legends.Unfortunately, that era ...

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Letters to the Editor

Current health care proposals aren't the real answer
August 07, 2017

Addison IndependentBy Jason KayeIn a recent guest editorial published in this paper, the co-authors — four top executives of medical centers and health insurance companies in Vermont — promoted the ideas of healthy lifestyles and individual responsibility as the primary strategy to end the health care crisis.Living a healthy lifestyle is probably easy to do for these four folks, considering that in fiscal year 2015 they made the following in total compensation: $353,000 (Jill Berry B...

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Fight for single-payer
June 08, 2017

Times ArgusI am a physical therapy student and athletic trainer living in Burlington. The health care crisis has affected me as a patient and a provider. Growing up in Vermont, I had Dr. Dinosaur until middle school. I had regular checkups, dental visits and asthma medications, covered stress-free. Then funding got cut and my parents had to pay everything out of pocket. I remember my mom getting medical bills for weeks after I sprained my ankle in high school, and it cost $2,000 for wisdom tooth...

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Misdirected Anger
June 08, 2017

Times ArgusLately in Vermont, there has been a certain amount of animosity directed toward teachers and their union regarding health care benefits. While this anger is somewhat understandable, it is also misdirected. Instead of questioning or complaining about the teacher’s so-called “Cadillac” health care plans, we should be asking why ours isn’t as good!First, the anger about teacher’s health care should be aimed at our political leaders who have failed to insure ...

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Editorials and Op-Eds

Single Payer Myths
September 21, 2017

VTDiggerEditor’s note: This commentary is by Mary Gerisch, of Bennington, who is a retired civil rights attorney. She is an active leader and board member of Rights & Democracy and is also on the board of the National Center for Law and Economic Justice.Let’s clear up a few myths about Vermont’s efforts to enact universal — so-called single-payer — health care.Myth #1: Single-payer health care failed in Vermont. You can’t fail at something you didn’t...

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Opinion: Who Does Congress Represent?
July 20, 2017

Burlington Free PressWe have the jaw-dropping situation in which a congressional majority is attempting to deprive 22-23 million Americans of health-care coverage – while the rest of the advanced world guarantees this coverage to everyone of its citizens.To make things even more perverse, an overwhelming majority of U.S. citizens want this coverage – only a paltry 16 percent standing with the reps. How can people in Congress possibly defy this mandate from the people who put them in ...

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Vermont Health Care Lacks a System
June 15, 2017

VTDiggerThis commentary is by Jessica Early of Burlington, who is a registered working nurse and family nurse practitioner. She is also a health care justice organizer for Rights & Democracy, a grassroots organization working to build strong communities grounded in health care, economic and environmental justice in Vermont and New Hampshire. Mike Smith’s June 11 VTDigger piece “Does Anyone Know Where We’re Headed on Health Care?” highlights some serious issues in Verm...

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