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Recent News Stories

House introduces universal health care bill
February 01, 2019

 Times Argus   By Kate Barcellos   Forty-eight representatives from across the state introduced a bill on Thursday proposing universal, publicly-financed health care for all Vermonters beginning in 2023. “This particular bill was introduced in the last and previous biennium,” said sponsor Rep. Brian Cina, P-Burlington. “We’re picking the ball up where we left off ... my hope is that our committee will pass it again since our committee did last year.&rd...

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Statehouse preview: Affordability, psychiatric treatment top health care concerns
January 09, 2019

VTDiggerBy Mike FaherState lawmakers likely will consider a wide variety of health care issues in the 2019 session, but the underlying themes of affordability and access are not new.A sampling of health care interest groups surveyed prior to Wednesday’s session kickoff showed that improving mental health care; preserving Affordable Care Act protections; bolstering insurance coverage; and decreasing prescription costs are among the top priorities for this year. Continue to at site.......

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Health care industry injects big spending in Statehouse lobbying
January 06, 2019

Kit Norton and Felippe Rodrigues, VT Digger In 2015, lawmakers were in a fight with the health care industry over whether to disclose the price of various hospital procedures. Senators argued for strong transparency measures so patients would know how much they were paying. The industry argued that price transparency would be detrimental for local hospitals because they wouldn’t get as much business. click to continue  ...

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Letters to the Editor

Medicare for All Deserves Support
January 13, 2019

Bennington BannerTo the Editor:Over half of Americans delay or don't get health care because they can't afford it. That's because we are the only wealthy nation which does not have universal health care. Thirty million of us are uninsured and many more are underinsured. Even though insured, high deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments keep Americans from accessing care. The cost of care is prohibitive for many of us, and it is nearly twice that of other industrialized nations. The outcomes of p...

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Time to guarantee health care for all
October 09, 2018

Bennington BannerTo the Editor:Soon after we opened the Bennington Free Clinic, a 45-year-old woman with severe low back pain came for evaluation. She could barely get onto the exam table because of her pain and needed to be assisted by me and our nurse. She told of how the pain had started about 6 months prior and had gotten progressively worse. She also revealed that she had noticed a lump in her breast about 2 years ago and thought that it had been growing. She worked full time but did not ha...

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Medicare for All Deserves Support
October 04, 2018

Bennington BannerFor-profit health care is destroying our nation. Small business proprietors are driven out of business trying to cover the ever rising (8-10 percent) cost of health care premiums. Medications are rising at over 10 percent. Larger companies have trouble giving deserved raises when the cost of care is rising so quickly.Today, the leading cause of bankruptcy is a major illness in the family. At the same time, we spend more per capita on health care than any other developed country....

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Editorials and Op-Eds

Health board a puppet of insurance companies? Thatís how it looks
July 26, 2018

VTDiggerJon Margolis is VTDigger’s political columnist.What are they afraid of?The “they” in this case are the bigwigs at Vermont’s two health insurance companies and at the Green Mountain Care Board, chaired by the heretofore reasonable (as a state senator) Kevin Mullin.Together they have conspired (or so it seems) to keep Mike Fisher from testifying at a board hearing to consider the requests for rate increases by the insurance companies.Fisher is the head of the Vermon...

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Universal primary care would save money now spent at ERs
May 09, 2018

VTDiggerEditor’s note: This commentary is by David Hills, who is the managing partner of Waypoint Management Services based in Middlebury. He is a 25-year veteran of health care consulting in over 50 institutions across the United States.Aren’t we all just tired of the health care dilemma, discussion, debate and failed attempts at political remedies in Vermont, let alone across our great nation? The health care issue is huge and important, yes; but much of the national discussion aro...

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What are the hospitals afraid of?
March 01, 2018

VTDiggerEditor’s note: This commentary is by Ellen Oxfeld, a member of the boards of the advocacy group Vermont Health Care for All. She lives in Middlebury.Over the last two weeks the Senate Health and Welfare Committee has been taking testimony on a bill that would make primary care a public good for all Vermonters, with no out-of-pocket costs. It is not expensive. Unlike hospital care, primary care comprises under 6 percent of total health care spending. But investing in primary care ac...

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