League supports single-payer

March 10, 2012

Times Argus

Skeptics and opponents of Green Mountain Care want to see the money: Where are the savings promised by professor William Hsiao when he urged Vermont to go for single-payer?

Are the savings in all Vermonters having access to health care for the same amount of money being spent now?

Are the savings in a healthier and more productive Vermont?

Are the savings in employers being able to invest in their businesses and employees instead of in insurance companies?

After a two-year study, the League of Women Voters strongly supports single-payer, publicly funded health insurance for Vermont. Join the league and others in supporting our legislators and the Green Mountain Care Board as they work for our benefit. Don’t let those afraid of needed change make us lose sight of the goal of affordable, universal health care for Vermont.

Catherine Rader

League of Women Voters of Vermont

East Montpelier