Push for Universal Health Care in Vermont

December 22, 2010

Burlington Free Press

On Dec. 10, I heard Sen. Sanders, during a filibuster in opposition to the Obama-Republican tax bill, read letters he had received from Americans. Each one told a story of hardship and struggle to make ends meet. One person was a part time worker in Stowe who related that his hours had been decreased. The reduction in monthly income has forced him to choose walking eight miles to/from to work or heating his home this winter. God help him and his family if he were to become ill.

On Dec. 10 we celebrated the 62nd anniversary of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights and still in this country, we do not have universal health care.

I invite other Vermonters to come to the "Healthcare is a Human Right" rally at the Statehouse on Jan. 5, the first day of the legislative session, and demand our legislators to do the right thing and enact Act 128.