Savings will be there

December 03, 2013

Times Argus

The recently released report by Washington, D.C., consultants Avalere calls into question promised savings from a single-payer health care system. Skeptics and opponents of Green Mountain Care want to see the money: Where are the savings promised by Dr. Hsaio when he urged Vermont to go for single-payer?

Are the savings in all Vermonters having access to health care for the same amount of money being spent now?

Are the savings in a healthier and more productive Vermont?

Are the savings in employers being able to invest in their businesses and employees instead of in insurance companies?

Based on a two-year study, the League of Women Voters strongly supports single-payer, publicly funded health insurance for Vermont. Remember that we’re all paying for everybody’s health care now, through a complicated mix of Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, insurance premiums and cost shifting that still leaves many un- or underinsured. The transitional problems experienced by Vermont Health Connect have been exploited by opponents to insurance reform and should not be confused with single-payer. Don’t let those afraid of needed change make us lose sight of the goal of affordable, universal health care for Vermont.

Catherine Rader

East Montpelier