Scott administration opposes universal primary care

April 16, 2018


Gov. Phil Scott’s administration is taking a firm stance against a legislative effort to create a universal primary health care system.

The administration is opposed to S.53 in part because publicly financed primary care would require new taxes. But that’s only one of several problems, said Michael Costa, deputy commissioner of the Department of Vermont Health Access.

Costa also says universal primary care doesn’t directly address the high cost of health care, which is the administration’s top reform priority. And he’s concerned about possible conflicts with the state’s ongoing efforts to switch to a new system of payment for medical providers.

“How much reform can you responsibly manage?” Costa asked. “I think to take on a totally separate, second statewide reform effort will put both projects at risk, for uncertain benefit.”

There has been a strong push for universal, publicly financed primary care during the 2018 legislative session (continue at website)