Universal Primary Care the Right Direction

December 02, 2016

Times Argus

Burr Morse’s supposedly humorous commentary on health care reform, which is implying that reform “is going in the wrong direction,” is far from humorous to the many health care providers working hard to solve the crises of past years. Yes, Burr, it was once quite hard to find a doctor taking on new patients, but it can be getting better with health care reform that prioritizes primary care. Yes, as a fellow old Yankee, a year older than Burr’s brother, Elliott, I believe, I, too, have memories of bygone years. In the 1950s, my grandmother told me that she never paid a cent for her care because her son, my uncle, Dan Moriarty, was a physician and it was “professional courtesy.” Those days are long gone, Burr, but universal primary care is a real step in the right direction, and one many of us hope will be implemented by the Legislature this year.

Mary Alice Bisbee