Universal primary care would save money now spent at ERs

May 09, 2018


Editor’s note: This commentary is by David Hills, who is the managing partner of Waypoint Management Services based in Middlebury. He is a 25-year veteran of health care consulting in over 50 institutions across the United States.

Aren’t we all just tired of the health care dilemma, discussion, debate and failed attempts at political remedies in Vermont, let alone across our great nation? The health care issue is huge and important, yes; but much of the national discussion around the problem seems old to most of us by now, and common perceptions have well moved beyond frustration to fatigue, or worse, indifference. After all, hasn’t the situation become one step forward (e.g., American Healthcare Act, Affordable Care Act) and two steps back (e.g., another political storm, and we are still paying more than ever)? Can there ever be a fix to this expensive mess we call American health care?

To be specific, the answer to that simple question is, “No, there is not a single solution to this very complicated problem.” There are paths to follow that have their own challenging, individually missioned, seemingly unrelated milestones that can be attained. Step by challenging step, achieving these milestones will lead us to a health care environment that will eventually be acceptable for the majority of parties concerned.

There is a movement growing up from Vermont’s grass roots that represents the people that see one of those necessary milestones, and it has bravely entered the battle to attain it. They are on a good track. Namely, this mission is to push forward universal access to primary care. Let me explain why this is so important.  continue article at original website