Who is open and who is not?

August 04, 2012

Rutland Herald

I read Peter Hirschfeld’s article, on the recent informative TV ads supporting Green Mountain Care, with great interest. These ads are sponsored by Vermont Leads, which is led by Peter Sterling. I was very impressed by Sterling’s candid and open information about the objectives and financing of his Vermont Leads group. Clear, open, up-front. This is the Vermont way of doing things.

I was surprised and disappointed that Jeff Wennberg was called up to critique Vermont Leads and Peter Sterling. In sharp contrast to Sterling’s open information about Vermont Leads, Jeff Wennberg is an employee of Vermonters for Health Care Freedom, a seemingly well-funded organization that opposes GMC.

Wennberg is on record for refusing to provide information on who is funding him, who his bosses are. We Vermonters are blocked from learning how much Wennberg and his shadowy sponsors (could it be the insurance companies?) have spent or will be spending.

I find Wennberg is hypocritical when he complains about Vermont Leads. It is clear that Wennberg will continue to hide his funding and sponsors from the view of Vermonters. I have to guess he is not proud of them. Should we believe Jeff Wennberg, who will not be open and candid with Vermonters?