Why Single Payer in Vermont?

On May 28, 2011 Gov. Peter Shumlin signed Act 48. The legislation calls for a three-stage implementation of a publicly-financed universal health care system, the point of which is a cost-saving single payer financing mechanism. The phase-in that could take up to six years is designed to meet federal requirements of the Affordable Care Act, to take advantage of federal monies targeted for Vermont’s insurance exchange and to petition for federal waivers that would streamline Vermont’s reform.

Vermont has always led led the nation in reform. We are now on the path to being the first state to establish a truly universal health care for all.

Senator Bernie Sanders is supportive of our efforts, and has said;
"The quickest route toward a national health care program will be when individual states go forward and demonstrate that universal and non-profit health care works, and that it is the cost-effective and moral thing to do.”

For a brilliant and concise explanation of why single payer is the way we must move forward watch Senator Bernie Sanders’ comments from the floor of the U.S. Senate, December 16, 2009.