Health board a puppet of insurance companies? Thatís how it looks

July 26, 2018

Jon Margolis is VTDigger’s political columnist.

What are they afraid of?

The “they” in this case are the bigwigs at Vermont’s two health insurance companies and at the Green Mountain Care Board, chaired by the heretofore reasonable (as a state senator) Kevin Mullin.

Together they have conspired (or so it seems) to keep Mike Fisher from testifying at a board hearing to consider the requests for rate increases by the insurance companies.

Fisher is the head of the Vermont Office of the Health Care Advocate. That’s not a state agency, but the Legislature created it and funded it to represent consumers.

So let’s review: The board, a quasi-judicial state regulatory agency with the power to approve, modify or deny rate increase requests, receives from the companies seeking those increases formal motions to ban the testimony of the legislatively designated consumer advocate.....continue story at website