Whether you’re employed with health insurance, retired on Medicare, a business owner, or uninsured, single payer can benefit you. Click on the links below to find out more about Single Payer as it relates to your health care needs.

Single Payer and Businesses
Own a business? Tired of ever increasing health insurance premiums taking a chunk out of your bottom line? Learn how a single payer system can help eliminate these out of pocket expenditures and increase your business’s bottom line.

Single Payer and Patients
Let’s face it, in a system where profit matters most, patient care is going to take a back seat. Learn how removal of the profit motive will make patient health the top priority in a single payer system.

Single Payer and Retirees
Prescription drug benefits, Medicare Part A, B and D… and you thought retirement was supposed to be a time for relaxation. Instead you’re spending your golden years reading the fine print of Medicare options. Single Payer eliminates the need for fine print and lets you enjoy your retirement.┬áLearn more today.

Single Payer and Medical Professionals
Paperwork, phone calls, more paperwork oh and some patient care thrown in the mix when you can fit it in. Eliminate the bureaucracy and get back to doing what your trained for – providing health care.

Single Payer and Local Governments
Whether you’re a school board or city government more and more of your yearly budget is being sucked up by health insurance premiums for employees. Lean how single payer puts tax payer money back in communities.