Health Care Competence

June 04, 2011

Health care competence

Caledonian Record

To the Editor:

In his recent column questioning the competence of the members of the House and Senate health care committees to undertake meaningful health care reform, Rob Roper concluded with the question: 'Honestly, if you were the head of a probable $5 billion health care corporation, would you hire any of these people to run it?

Our answer is, of course, not on your life.'

That would not be my answer. Given a choice between the citizen legislators on those two committees, and the alleged 'experts' responsible for the current health care industry in our state, I would go with the legislators. If the people in charge are incapable of providing 600,000 Vermonters with quality health care for the $5 billion we are spending this year, then they are obviously incompetent.

Frank Nicosia

Middlebury, Vt.