Health Care Overload

February 08, 2016

 The Valley News

To the Editor:

Having recently helped a friend renew her supplemental health insurance, I was astounded by the amount of complexity the current system involves. First, we spent several hours learning about the overwhelming number of choices available to her from One Exchange, the health care exchange that now handles the health care coverage of DHMC retirees. Then we were on the phone for over an hour with a One Exchange representative reconfirming information (particularly medications), determining if she was choosing the most appropriate plan, and arranging billing. After that there were faxes and a voided check to be sent. And to think we will have to go through the same process next year! Surely, one advantage of universal health care would be to jettison much of the overhead (with enrollees and with providers) that we currently pay for in premiums.

Sarah Jo Brown