We need accessible health care in Vermont

May 04, 2012

Caledonian Record

To the Editor:

I recently moved to Vermont to participate in and learn from the farmers and fruit tree growers of this region. I'm passionate about growing good food and caring for the earth, and I want to build a life and make a living practicing community based agriculture.

However, I have major fears about pursuing this line of work because I can't afford health care or health insurance. I know that it would only takes one disaster to wipe out my savings. This experience is common to many people across the country, including young people and farmers.

Health care is a human right, and equitable access to health care liberates me and every resident of this state and this country to be healthy and pursue innovative, creative work that is needed in the world- farming is just one example.

I want to join with my new neighbors in Vermont to work for truly accessible health care so that we are all more free to fulfill our potential. As neighbors coming together to talk and work together, we're moving from a mindset of scarcity to abundance, from fear to progressive action.

Sarah Claassen