By Donald Bodwell, Brandon

My wife and I are retired teachers from CT, and we have to purchase health insurance through our last employer for seven more years until age 65. The cost of that family policy is $1,660 per month, offset $400 by subsidies from the Retirement Board and the collective bargaining agreement, which means our cost is $1,220 per month. Whatever the cost is in 2012, it will be an additional $220 out of our pockets when one of the subsidies expires. In total, we spent over $17,000 dollars this year on premiums, dental, and vision care. Thankfully we do not have any prescription needs!

My point is, when one spends 34% on health care under the present system, it is clearly time for a change. And the only sane reform is the single payer one.

I know that many folks have circumstances that are far worse..For all of us,please, let’s work tirelessly for the single payer solution.