This commentary is by Lee Russ of Bennington, a retired legal editor who was the lead editor/author of both the third edition of “Couch on Insurance” and the Attorneys Medical Advisor.

Imagine a group of people watching a house burn. They are gathered around a fire hydrant and a hose is coiled at their feet. As the house burns, the people discuss how they might make it rain to put the fire out. Maybe prayer would work? Maybe a rain dance? Maybe seeding the clouds? The house continues to burn.

Absurd, right? But a pretty good analogy to the current health care nightmare and our reaction to it.

In the political debates preceding the November election in Vermont, the subject of health care was mostly missing. That’s pretty odd, given how prominent that subject has been in the state’s media, chronicling doctor shortages, lengthy wait times to see a doctor and, of course, the ever-growing cost of health care.

Consider the silence the equivalent of praying for rain to put the fire out……continue reading…