CCTV Town Meeting TV

Dr. Deb Richter speaks on behalf of five nonprofit organizations that issued a joint statement demanding that the Scott administration end the State’s affiliation with OneCare Vermont, the accountable care organization (ACO) that now handles much of the money used to pay for Vermonters’ health care. The State has an agreement with the federal government that has put OneCare—a for-profit company—in control of Vermont’s health care system. The five groups asked that the state either immediately cancel that agreement, or at the very least, let the agreement expire in 2022 without renewal. The statement cites OneCare’s cost overruns, meaningless quality measures, and lack of any strategy to improve access to health care as reasons for the state to end its affiliation with OneCare Vermont. The five organizations are Justice for All, VT; League of Women Voters of Vermont; Physicians for a National Health Program, Vermont Chapter; Vermont Health Care for All and Vermont Workers’ Center.