Times Argus

We Americans have experienced two periods of mass unemployment over the last dozen years. We have the most expensive health care system in the world – No. 1! Based on results per population size (actual humans here, keep in mind), we rank 37th – 37! We have seen health care go up 54%, wages only 28%, since 2009. Our bankruptcies affect millions of us yearly. The Harvard University study states 61% of our bankruptcies are related to medical bills – highest cost, very substandard results across our population. The federal government has repeatedly said to states, “you are on your own” and our supplies are a “last resort.”

Medicare is far cheaper to run than private insurers. Is now not the time to guarantee Americans health care instead of treating our citizens as “third-worlders?” A healthier country is a stronger country. Why do we still let those making huge sums of money off of pain, death and bankruptcies, tell us this #37, is the best way?

Mike Meninger