Times Argus

Many of our Vermont politicians seem to want to congratulate themselves in saying 95% of Vermonters have health insurance. However, closer examination would show many of these 95% have high deductible policies whose cost prohibits them from accessing primary health care their premiums should provide. These are the underinsured, of which there are tens of thousands in the state. Without primary care, small health problems can become big ones with dire consequences.

There are two bills in the Senate and House that would guarantee access to primary care with no deductibles for everyone at a minimal cost. They are House bill H.156 and Senate bill S.74. Not only would these bills provide Universal Primary Care for all, but they would reduce the cost for all other heath polices. However, these bills have been languishing in committees during the past few years as our legislators are reluctant to vote them forward.

S.39, a bill that would provide government health care for Vermont legislators, has its merits and has been regarded as a necessity so that many can afford to run for office in order to serve their state.

Shouldn’t the tens of thousands of the underinsured and all Vermonters in general also have the same consideration, at least for primary care?

Jerry Kilcourse