Dr. Ashley Miller extols the virtues of moving from a fee-for-service model to a capitated payment model and expresses concern that this will change if BlueCross BlueShield chooses to withdraw from OneCare Vermont.

In view of this issue, it is worth noting that a universal primary care program in Vermont could utilize the same payment method as OneCare currently uses. With such a program, primary care practitioners would not have to be concerned with who is opting in or out of OneCare. With such a program, practitioners would not have to be concerned with negotiating rates with insurance companies.

These are just two of the many problems that universal primary care would resolve.

There is a bill which has been introduced in the Vermont Legislature, H.156, which deserves everyone’s attention. If the future of health care in Vermont is of concern for you, here is a chance to support legislation that addresses very real issues for the well-being of the health care system in Vermont. It will take great courage to see this change through but, perhaps, Vermonters are ready.

Sue Euphrat