Seven Days

[Re “The Doctor Won’t See You Now,” September 1]: Waiting for 10 months? Of course, that’s outrageous when it comes to health care, but it shouldn’t be a surprise. Our country as a whole has the disease, and it won’t be cured with natural foods or lotus positions or seven social workers posing as therapists. Recently, I had a short debate with a senior wearing an American flag over his mouth. He lectured me on the bureaucracy of the European health care system, arguing that if it does work, “It’s because they’re small countries.”

If we had the political will and budgets, each state could give us government-supported health care. If all our small states did that, our “big country” would have decent coverage for all. Naturally, the feds would have to contribute.

“Oh, but people would have to pay taxes for that!” Hmm. “And that’s socialism!”

Wait until that small lump gets bigger, and then go to the emergency room when the pain gets unbearable. Don’t worry, the taxpayer will pay for that. Shortsighted? You betcha.

Tom MacDonald