To the Editor,

The gubernatorial debate which I watched Wednesday night was very powerful and both candidates are to be applauded for a job well done!

However, one question about health care and the state employees not wanting a Medicare Advantage plan for retirees showed the governor’s acceptance of the total privatization of Medicare and his lack of knowledge about the rights of union negotiations.

Medicare Advantage plans, which are all private plans run by insurance companies, have been denying claims when anyone becomes really in need of expensive tests and care. As private, either nonprofit or for-profit insurance companies or hospitals manage services; there is no recourse for those insured to have any sort of governmental recourse if their claims are denied.

Indebtedness and perhaps homelessness at the end of one’s life is not something to look forward to!

Is it any wonder that state retirees who are probably the most likely to need extensive care want to hang on to traditional Medicare benefits?

Mary Alice Bisbee