I briefly read the article on the legislative health committees’ plan of action.

This is what I hear as a low-income, mentally disabled constituent of Vermont’s poor and vulnerable population. You’re going to start spending the opioid money from the poor and vulnerables’ overdose deaths on five crisis stations throughout the whole state, requiring more people to pay.

You dont want people with mental illnesses being mental and all in the state’s emergency rooms. That’s just demeaning to me, even though us mental constituents can’t find a therapist or psychiatrist to help us. You want to spend, lose and waste time over menthol cigarettes? With the state in a health care crisis?

I could keep going, but at what point do any of you talk to the real people whose health is in your hands ? I have written to almost every state legislator. I never got one response. You should be educating the people; talking with them, not about them; answering your voicemails and emails; and being involved with the issue, not just during voting.

Yes, we vote. We know we have no voice and are not being listened to. There is no equality; it’s you against us, a very defined line. You all have worked together for years and years. And it is visible to us way down here.

What in the health are you thinking? We, the people, need more knowledge. You all need ethics conversations and transparency with the people you work for.

Where’s the link or website for we the people to communicate with you? That’s what in the health I’m thinking.


Anita Adams