Democratic Party head Jim Dandeneau is certainly correct that “Vermonters care about being able to support themselves and their families,” yet he strangely omits our state’s health care nightmare from his list of “Vermonters’ agenda” items.

We suffer from a growing doctor shortage and lengthy waits for an appointment. The state’s own survey indicates that more than 200,000 Vermonters have trouble paying for their health care.

The former chair of the Green Mountain Care Board publicly acknowledged that Vermont’s health insurance premiums “are not affordable.” Those premiums are rising far faster than the incomes from which we have to pay them.

I’d like to know why Dandeneau doesn’t think this situation affects Vermonters’ ability to “support themselves and their families.”

Republicans certainly have no intention of addressing the health care crisis. If the Democrats also intend to ignore it, they are doing an enormous disservice to the majority of Vermonters who recently gave them supermajorities in the state Legislature.

Lodiza LePore