Take Action

Vermont Health Care For All is about people standing up for REAL health care reform. Without your help, a Single Payer system won’t happen. We’ve developed a set of tools to help you easily engage with the campaign. Check out the tools below and start working for health care you can believe in!

Write a letter to the editor

Our goal is to have at least one letter supporting publicly financed health care for all Vermonters, the roadmap laid out in Act 48, in each paper every week. The letter to the editor section is one of the most higly read parts of the paper. We’ve made it really easy for you to write a letter. When you click here to write your letter, you will be able to select the paper/s you want to receive your letter, customize the subject and content, view optional facts to include, and submit your letter. Click here to read the most recent letters writen by other Vermonters.

Sign-Up for our E-Newsletters

This is the best way to stay informed and be alerted when specific actions are needed. We email updates to those interested not more than once a week. Click here to receive our E-Newletters.

Tell Us Your Story

Personal stories about experiences related to access to health care and affordability of health care are important to us. Stories will be kept anonymous but details will be shared to help build understanding of the need for a single payer system that covers every Vermonter and the consequences from lack of availability. Click here to share your story.

Testify at a Public Hearing

It is important our elected officials and the media hear what Vermonters have to say about ltheir current health care options and how they would benefit from a publicly financed universal health care system. Click here to see the elements of strong testimony and feel free to contact us if you would like help creating your testimony.